Sales Agent Evaluation

Sales agent evaluation refers to the act of examining the work performance, skills and knowledge of a sales agent who is given the task of selling the company’s products and services. Every company has some sales agents on work on the field by making people aware of the products and selling them. Sales agents must be active, have good communication skills and reach their sales target in a specific geographical area. The sales agent evaluation will be done on the basis of their performance in these aspects and his attitude towards work. After doing the evaluation, certain comments and recommendations may be made on the sales agent performance.

Sample Sales Agent Evaluation:

Name of employee: Jake Lawson

Department: Sales Department

Year of joining: 2011

Review period: April 2011-April 2012

Company: New Leaf Org

Evaluation done by: Arthur Williams

Designation: General Manager, New Leaf Org

The sales agent has been evaluated on the basis of the following parameters:


  • The sales agent is a good communicator and can express his ideas well to the client
  • He is persuasive and has a pleasant personality
  • He is a team person and can make quick decisions
  • He is able to work extensively on the field


  • The sales agent regularly meets sales target and has satisfied the management with his performance
  • He follows instructions well and at the same time uses independent strategies to function
  • He sets a good example and is willing to learn new techniques
  • We feel he is ready for more responsibilities and can be given a larger geographical area


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