Safety Training Evaluation Form

Safety training has become an important part of day to day security and safety in today’s date and scenario. The entities that provide various safety training may ask the trainees to fill out forms called safety training evaluation forms.

These forms help to get the feedback on the training and facilitate the process of evaluation. The forms help to know the areas where improvement is needed in the training. Below given is a sample of such evaluation form for reference.

Sample Safety Training Evaluation Form

Mason Safety & Security Services Pvt. Ltd.

324, Marinara Street, Brooklyn, New York

United States of America.

Contact No.: 43646324. 436346573

Safety  Training Evaluation

Name of the Trainee: ____________________________________________

Age of Trainee: ______________________   Sex: ___________________

Correspondence Address: _________________________________________

Contact No.: __________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________________

Name of the Safety Course Undergone: ___________________________________

Name of Training Official: ________________________________________

Date of training commencement: _________________________

Date of training termination: ____________________________

Total duration (in days): ________________________________

Days Attended: _______________________________________

Please answer the following question appropriately:

Did the briefing of the training course matched to the actual training provided?


Did you get adequate support in all- technical, practical and theoretical, aspects of the training? Explain.


Do you feel more secure and more confident in keeping others safe post the training as compared to prior the training? Explain.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Kind of
  4. Not exactly

Did you find the trainer and other staff accommodating and comforting?



In a few words describe how was the whole training experience? Also mention any suggestions for the improvement of the training (if any).



Rate the following traits of the training facility on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being highest score and 1 being the lowest):

Infrastructure:    _________________

Cleanliness:        _________________

Decorum:           __________________

Understanding :         __________________

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