Restaurant Evaluation Form

A restaurant evaluation form is a document which incorporates the opinions of the patrons of a restaurant in order to assess the quality of food and services in a dining joint. It is a document which is highly rated as it provides a clear assessment of a restaurant’s performance on all the scales that matter. It must be farmed in a comprehensive manner and must be easy to fill up by customers.

Sample Restaurant Evaluation Form:

Name of the customer: ________________________

Occupation: ___________________

Age: ____________________ Sex: ____________________

Please answer the following questions carefully:

1. How frequently do you visit our restaurant?

(a) Once in a month

(b) More than once in a month

(c) Less than once in a month

2. How would you rate our food quality on a scale of ten?

(a) 0-4

(b) 4-8

(c) 8-10

3. How would you rate our menu and the variety we offer as far as various cuisines are concerned? ________________________________

4. Please enter some comments upon our waiting staff and floor management staff: _________________________________________________

5. Please mention some suggestions which we can incorporate in improving our services: _______________________________________________________

6. What do you consider our strength when you patronize our restaurant?

(a) Our delightful ambience

(b) Our excellent food quality

(c) Our courteous and helpful staff

7. Would you recommend this restaurant to your friends and family?

(a) Yes

(b) No

8. Do you feel that our restaurant should be made part of an expansion?

9. Would you like to make any final comments? ___________________________________________________________________________________________

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