Research Student Evaluation

Research student evaluation is the examination of a student who is doing research on a particular topic, usually part of his or her PHD, Masters or any other course. There are many courses which require a student to do research on their topic of choice and then the marks they get in their research is added to the marks they get in their theoretical tests. Research involves the collection of data and compiling all the materials collected on a specific area and then representing them through text and graphics. The evaluation is done on the basis of the student’s ability to do research and collect information, his way of presentation, his goal and performance in general.

Sample Research Student Evaluation:

Name of student: Selena Fernandez

Course: MS in Social Science

Semester: 2nd

Name of university: University of California

Review done by: Michelle Gomez

Designation: Supervising professor

Research topic: Child abuse and Rehabilitation

Summary of the student’s research topic: The goal of the research is to find out the reasons behind child abuse, who is affected and how can they be rehabilitated to live a normal life

Based on the topic of research and the student’s performance, the following evaluation has been made:

The goal of the research has been reached

The sample and the responses have been collected and depicted properly

Graphics and photographs used are relevant

The language is clear and lucid

The research has been completed on time

The student is very hard working and expresses his work well

She has good communication and networking skills which have been used well in the research

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