Research Service Evaluation

A research service evaluation is done as part of the process that evaluates the performance of various services underlying a specific research initiative. Projects that involve research work inevitable involve certain services to be performed or given to some target group, the details for which are to be surveyed and accounted for by respective department professionals. The evaluation report must be clear, complete, and concise.

Sample Research Service Evaluation:

Research title: “Importance of Health Drinks on male citizens of 40 years of age and above”.

Research conducted by: Zonvon Ltd.

Research Overview:

The Zonvon group of companies are a famous name in the market of health-drinks manufacturers, that had started business with the production of health drinks for children in the growing years and then moved on to women’s health drinks as well.

This is the latest innovation in its business wherein male adults [40 years and above] are being targeted. The body structure and corresponding need of health drinks for 40 and above aged male is to be studied and reports submitted accordingly.

Research Service:

The Zonvon Lite product, health drink for male citizens of 40 years and above, is to be distributed in the society and given to target audience absolutely free of cost for one whole month and the improvements are to be noted down.

Research Service Evaluation

The following areas are to be filled in with relevant details by professionals aware of the Zonvon Lite Research Service program:

1. Does the research service program appeal to all parts of the society?

  • It does, perfectly
  • Some of the sections are left out
  • Only a small portion of the people are served

2. Are the nutrients being served present in proper ratios and quantities?

  • Perfect quantity is present
  • Some food values have been found to be on the slightly lower level
  • None of the required nutrients are present

3. Does the product harm anybody?

  • No, the health drink is perfectly suited to all body types
  • The product does have certain side effects
  • The product causes adverse effect on people with __________________
  • ____________________________________ [mention specific diseases and/or illness]

4. How would you rate the service as a common recipient [out of 5]?_____________

[1 – Outstanding, 2 – Very good, 3 – Satisfactory, 4 – Requires major improvements, 5 – Poor]


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