Research Proposal Evaluation

A research proposal evaluation is a special document that illustrates the procedure of evaluation of a certain proposal given for conducting a particular research work or similar projects. A research work is an important matter of concern, owing to the theories and methodologies it employs, and the proposal for the same should be of an equally high quality such that it meets the standards of a research work and helps in successful execution of the project. Hence, the evaluation procedure should be thorough enough to assess all prospects of the respective research proposal.

Sample Research Proposal Evaluation:

Research proposal for: “Research on Cancer Therapy”

Proposal drafted by: Mark Stevenson

Executive Head

Health Care Pharmacy, New York

Date of drafting of proposal: 9th January, 2012

Proposal submitted to: State Medical College

The following questions have been brought forth as part of the evaluation procedure. The dean of the medical college is requested to tick the suitable option:

1. Do you find the introductory section of the research proposal clear, complete, and objective?

  • Definitely it is.
  • Some sections are difficult to comprehend.
  • The entire introduction is messy with too much of technical jargons, which I have no clue of. Infact, there is no hint what the actual proposal contains.

2. Does the proposal state the nature of the actual research?

  • Yes, it does.
  • A few of the characteristics stated are out of the track
  • The nature of research, as stated in the proposal, is completely unrealistic as far as this work is concerned.

3. Are the research hypotheses stated well?

  • Yes, they have been described in a perfect and understandable manner.
  • They are understandable but have been presented somewhat haphazardly.
  • They are incomplete and too difficult to comprehend. Poor presentation.

4. Does the research proposal contain methodical description?

  • Definitely, all the aspects have been described with exact methodologies and in correct sequence.
  • A few of the methods seem to be out of the order.
  • Very poor and disorganized representation of procedures.

5. How much would you rate the general approach of the research proposal?

  • 1 – Outstanding idea and very well-organized
  • 2 – Very good content and well-organized
  • 3 – Good content and organization of ideas
  • 4 – Content and organization of ideas satisfactory
  • 5 – Poor content and organization of ideas

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