Research Project Evaluation

A research project evaluation is an analysis and judgment of a research project based on the examination of certain parameters like presentation, depth of research, nature and complexity of topic and so on. This is usually undertaken by school teachers, professors and individuals in the field of education.

Sample Research Project Evaluation:

Research project evaluation submitted by: Dr. John Foster

Name of student whose research project was evaluated: Dina Gantes

Please mark the student on the following aspects of her research project:

1. How would you rate the research project on a scale of 10:

• 1 to 4

• 5 to 7

• 8 to 10

2. Would you consider that the research project presented by the student adds to the topic, field or discipline chosen in any way?

• Yes, the student presents new ways of looking at the field, and thus the project adds to the field substantially.

• The research project is a competent one, but it does not add to the existing discourses of the field.

• No, the research project is not a competent one and adds nothing to the discipline in any way.

3. Has the student researched the topic in depth:

• Yes, the topic was well researched

• No, the research in the project left a lot to be desired

4. Has the research project been presented in an appropriate manner?

• Yes, the research project is up t the mark and presented in an intelligent and interesting manner.

• No, the student has presented the project in a shoddy manner.

5. Any recommendation you would like to add: ___________________________________

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