Research Program Evaluation

The research program evaluation is needed for measuring the effectiveness of the research program conducted. This is done after the program has taken place and is addressed to the particular audience for the program. The language needs to be simple and the questions need to be brief. This evaluation is required to improve the performance quality. This is done mainly for commercial purposes.

Sample Research Program Evaluation:

The given evaluation has been conducted by the Alliance Pet Project for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness of the Pet Day Care Improvement program:

Respondent: Rita Winston

Number of Pets: 2

Date of Evaluation: 2/6/2012

We request you to answer the following questions with regards to the program just conducted:

1. Did the Pet Day Care Improvement Program address the main issue at hand?

a. Most certainly, it did.

b. I am not very sure.

c. It did not address the issue.

2. Was the demonstrative event effective enough?

a. Very effective.

b. Somewhat effective.

c. Least effective.

3. Were all possible pet day care problems addressed in the program?

a. Yes, it was very informative.

b. It was sufficient enough.

c. There was no proper addressing of important problems.

4. Were the programmers helpful in all the queries produced?

a. Quite helpful.

b. I did not have any question.

c. Not helpful at all.

5. Was the method of research applied appropriate?

a. Definitely appropriate to the subject at hand.

b. Effective enough to probe relevant areas

c. The method is irrelevant and needs to change immediately.

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