Research Paper Evaluation

The research paper evaluation is done to gain perspective about whether the particular research paper has been appropriately constructed and meets the aim that it has stated in the paper. The evaluation is conducted among those who are aware about the particular research. This evaluation is done for the purpose of improving and also calculating the effectiveness of the research paper. This is generally done in academic circles but can also be conducted for business purposes especially for market analysis.

Sample Research Paper Evaluation:

The following research has been conducted by John Rightly, PhD student of University of Michigan.

Respondents: English Literature Faculty of University of Michigan

Research Paper: Hardy’s Representation of the ‘fallen women’ in his poetry

Date of Submission of paper: 1/11/2011

Date of Evaluation: 2/4/2012

I request you to answer the following questions so that I can insert the necessary corrections and improve my research paper:

1. Have the proper scholarly sources been cited within the paper?

a. Yes.

b. Some of them have been cited correctly.

c. None of the sources were cited.

2. Is the length of the paper appropriate?

a. The length does meet the criteria

b. No, it is too long/short.

3. Has there been enough persuasion made for/against Hardy’s representation?

a. Yes, the paper adequately persuades the given topic.

b. There are some areas that have been persuasive enough.

c. There has been no persuasion made for or against.

4. Are there any areas that need improvement?

a. None.

b. Some improvement needed.

c. Complete revision needed.

5. Is the paper independent and original in its approach?

a. There is sufficient originality.

b. No, this has been done before and needs re-working.

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