Research Methods Evaluation

The research methods evaluation is done to gauge whether the method chosen for the particular research is appropriate and effective enough for it or not. This should account all the necessary and relevant questions that can be useful for improving or changing the method of research. This is done for meeting educational as well as commercial research needs. The evaluation must clearly mention the method used for the research and also make provisions for the respondent to put in suggestions for improvement. The respondents are generally aware of the research and the method implemented.

Sample Research Method Evaluation

The following evaluation has been conducted by the Marketing division of Florence Electronics Ltd for the purpose of understanding whether the research method is effective:

Respondents: Board of Directors of Florence Electronics Ltd

Research: Market Position of the Company

Research Method used: Competitor Analysis

Date of Research to be conducted: 3/5/2012

Date of Evaluation: 5/2/2012

Kindly fill in the following questions so that we can proceed with the research pertaining to the company’s market position:

1. Does the research correctly define the company and the services it provides?

a. It adequately defines the products and services.

b. Improvement is needed

2. Have all the relevant competitors been identified?

a. All of them been named correctly.

b. Some have not been mentioned.

c. None are the relevant competitors.

3. Has the niche market been addressed?

a. Definitely.

b. The research is completely off-base.

4. Have all the success factors been adequately summed up?

a. Most of them are correct.

b. Some are adequate.

c. Not a single one is appropriate.

5. Is the rating scale for the products correct?

a. Very.

b. Some what.

c. Not in the least.

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