Research Job Evaluation

A research job evaluation helps assess the various aspects of a particular job that requires extensive research work for its effective execution. The research job is part of almost all corporate and business ventures, helping survey market needs and demands, customer necessities, product nature and development possibilities, economy issues, etc. The evaluation document corresponding to a research job must therefore appeal to the most important factors underlying the job and details of its progress.

Sample Research Job Evaluation:

Title of the Research Job: Women empowerment Analytics

Research job sponsored by: U.S Data Center for Woman Rights

Span of conducting research job: 17th September, 2012 – 16th November, 2012

Date of performing research job evaluation: 23rd January, 2013

Evaluation approved by: John Markus

Executive Head

U.S Rights Council for Citizens

New York

Kindly tick the correct options to help evaluate the progress and performance of the Research Job on “Women Empowerment Analytics”:

1. Can the tools employed for the research job be recognized as ideal ones?

  • Yes, they were perfectly appropriate
  • Some of them were inappropriate [give details]
  • None of the tools or technique were relevant to the research job

2. Do you consider the process of execution of research as a suitable one?

  • Yes, definitely
  • Some of the steps and methods adopted were incorrect [provide relevant information]
  • The steps were haphazard and failed to produce desired results

3. How would you state the standard of the research job in terms of group performance?

  • Extraordinary
  • Satisfactory
  • Poor

4. What was the nature of studies conducted and records gathered?

  • It was excellently done and well composed
  • The research was good but records were not up to the standard
  • Neither was the study successful nor the collection of information

5. How much would you rate the overall performance of the research job?_______________

[5 – Outstanding, 4 – Excellent, 3 – Good, 2 – Satisfactory, 1 – Fair]


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