Research Evaluation

Researches are generally performed on multifaceted and complex topic of various fields. Hence, the process of accomplishing every research work is also different than the other. Research evaluation in a process through which the performance, work status, procedures, implementation, impact etc of a research design in measured. So, inquisition presented on each of the appraisal document related to research work differs according to the method that is to be evaluated.

However, there are some of the basic factors that remain unaltered for research evaluation of every discipline. These are as enlisted:

Relevance: It is essential to design a relevant research evaluation document that is effective in evaluating the potential of the research work. A valid evaluation document always help in accumulating data that would successfully make the research work more fruitful by determining the voids.

Ethics: Irrespective of the kind of research evaluation, the required document has to be presented abiding by the standard ethics and norms of the evaluation conducting authority. This would help in making the document more viable.

Originality: An original piece of document works as a master key to unlock various answers to the research evaluation questions. These impart an official look to the document and could be referred during requirement.

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