Research Evaluation Template

Research evaluation is a process by which the stand, performance, methods, implementation procedure etc of any research is to be appraised. A research evaluation template can be framed in a general approach so that it could be used for any kind of research and should also have provision for customizing it according to the need.

Sample Research Evaluation Template

____________________ Evaluation

[Specify the title of the research work]

Research done by: [specify the name of the concern individual, group, organization or institute by whom the research work is accomplished]

Contact address: [specify the contact address of the same]

Research Evaluation Conducted By: [explicate the details like name, address of the concern person by whom the research evaluation has been conducted]

Date of conducting the research evaluation: ____________ [specify in dd-mm-yy format]

Nature of the research work: [Specify what kind of research work it is for e.g.: Business, academic, government etc]

Purpose of the Research: [specify the purpose of the research work]

Techniques Implemented: [Specify the techniques implemented to evaluate various factors associated with the particular research work]

  • Technique 1 ______________ [name of technique 1]
  • Technique 2 ______________ [name of technique 2]
  • Technique 3 ______________ [name of technique 3]

[Some of the general type questions which all the research evaluation must delineate.]

Mention the areas where the changes are required?


What is the best feature of the entire research work?


Rate overall research work on a scale of 10 or 5?


Does the research work have enough potential to create impact?



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