Research Evaluation Format

Research evaluation format portrays the structure of the lineaments that is to be incorporated on a particular research appraisal document. This kind of format is generally constructed either on a specific or on a general approach so that the drafter could get a clear idea from it while documenting any research evaluation document.

Sample Research Evaluation Format

Details about Researcher(s) and Evaluator(s):

The first section of a research evaluation document should initiate with the details of the researcher by whom the particular research work has been accomplished. Moreover, it should also establish the credentials of the evaluator by whom the concern research work’s performance or stand is gauged. This imparts a consolidated and official look to the particular document.

A research evaluation document must have questions from three different aspects as follows:

Questions related to the problem(s):

First and foremost, questions of a research appraisal should essentially emphasize on the reason of performing the particular research. Moreover, it should also seek for the answer(s) that would detail the need of the particular research work in practical applicability.

Questions related to the objective(s):

The next set of questions should be on the objective that is intended to be fulfilled by the accomplishment of research work. Such inquisition should also review the efficiency of the methods and procedures that is targeted to be adopted.

Questions related to the presentation(s):

Last, the research evaluation document should analyze the degree of efficiency in the presentation of the research work and should evaluate whether the conclusions are logically related to the entire methodologies implemented for the particular research work or not.


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