Receptionist Evaluation Form

Receptionist evaluation form is a layout used for executing the purpose of measuring the overall traits and job performance of a person holding the position of a receptionist in an organization. This kind of document helps to gauge the ability and potential of an employee working as a receptionist.

Sample Receptionist Evaluation Form

Name of the organization ____________________

Name of the receptionist _________________________

Working hour ________________

Date _______________

1. Do you think the function of a receptionist is fulfilled by the employee perfectly?

a. Yes, he/she is delivering desirable performance

b. The performance graph is inconsistent

c. Not up to the mark

2. How much efficient the employee is in conversing with the clients over outgoing and incoming calls?

a. We found clients are satisfied after conversing with our receptionist

b. Do not have any idea

c. It is not satisfactory

3. Do you think the employee is capable of handling long working hours if needed?

a. Definitely, the employee is quite capable of handling long working hours

b. Not always flexible in handling long working hours

c. They have shifts and does not work beyond that

4. How much efficient the person is in handling administration work like record keeping of clients, issuing passes for visitors, verifying identification of office employees etc?

a. Very much efficient in performing all kinds of task

b. Not at all efficient in any kind of work related to administration

c. Depends upon the work he/she is performing

5. Rate the overall performance and qualities of the employee on a scale of 10 _________

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