Real Estate Evaluation Form

A real estate evaluation form can be of many different kinds. It can be an evaluation of a real estate firm, or of a particular piece of real estate. Depending on the nature of the real estate evaluation form, its structure will change. All real estate evaluation forms must have questions pertaining to the area and they must be easy to follow for evaluators, and customers who are not familiar with technical jargon. The completed forms must be worked on and the suggestions given must be implemented.

Sample Real Estate Evaluation Form:

Name of Real Estate Company: _____________________________

Address: ______________________________________

Year of establishment: ______________________________

Please fill in our evaluation form which will give us your feedback. We take such forms very seriously and we assure you that your suggestions will be heeded.

1. How would you arte our services on a scale of ten?

(a) 0 to 4

(b) 5 to 7

(c) 8 to 10

2. Has our staff been helpful and courteous to you irrespective of your business with us? _______________________________________________________________________

3. On what business have you interacted with us?

(a) Securing the deal for a property

(b) Investing in our stocks

(c) Any other purpose [please specify]: ___________________________________

4. Do you think we offer customers the best deals at comparatively reasonable prices?

(a) Yes definitely, the prices at Home are must cheaper than elsewhere

(b) It doesn’t matter as we are willing to pay for the right property

(c) No the prices are the same as elsewhere

5. Do you have any suggestion for improvement? ________________________________________________________________________

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