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Evaluation is the process of accessing the performance or status of a project, policy, program, an individual, group or an organization. Generally, evaluation documents or reports are prepared in the form questions so that a proper assessment could be carried out. As because a question can give clear yet brief idea on different aspect of the matter. Even the goal oriented evaluation questions help the evaluator to understand what is being done for achieving it. For this, one does not have to construct questions being a psychologist rather it can be done courteously based on the subject of evaluation.

Before preparing, evaluation questions one must think about generating effective questions on the target matter. For designing such questions the key points that one should remember is:

Think of framing efficient questions based on the matter that is to be reviewed.

Questions should be so framed that it could have to the point answers. This helps the evaluator to reach on the conclusion easily.

The questionnaire should be motivating yet professional so that the targeted people are keen to participate on it.

Emphasize on the readability of the evaluation document if it is a written one.

State questions where a person need to rate the particular aspect of the matter that is to be evaluated.

It is to be remembered that implementation of right evaluation questionnaire can guide a particular evaluation program to success. Therefore, it is much easier to gather data through questions rather than any other ad hoc approaches. This particular technique has varied importance that includes mind mapping, minute analysis, micro surveying and quantitative analysis. For carrying out the process of evaluation in large scale, questionnaire are basically preferred over any other kind as because it gives a detailed yet brief conclusion on the matter that is being evaluated.

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