Quarterly Employee Evaluation

Quarterly employee evaluation is an evaluation tool used to carry out by the employer to judge and analyze the performance of their employees on quarterly basis. The primary purpose of this evaluation is to find out the job satisfaction level of the employees, their working ambience and job understanding, and to find out their efficiency and potential.

Sample Quarterly Employee Evaluation:

Quarterly Evaluation of Employees

Company name: Food and Beverages Corporation

Name of the employee: Nathline Kaur

Date: 4th June 2011

To be filled up by the employee:

1. How would you rate your job satisfaction level?

• Good

• Very good

• Average

• Poor

2. The working ambience according to you has changed than previous quarter

• Good as I expected

• Bad to work in

• Alright to work in

3. How would you rate your colleagues?

• 0-3 (poor)

• 4-7 (good)

• 8-10 (brilliant)

4. Are you satisfied with your pay package?

• Yes.

• No.

• It is just alright for my sustenance.

5. Would you advice your acquaintance to work with us?

• Definitely.

• Maybe

• Never.

To be filled up by the employer: [All the answers are to be filled up in a quarter basis]

1. Attendance of the employee (including leaves)


2. The punctuality of the employee (arrival in office at the right time)


3. Employee’s outlook and attitude ( enthusiastic, optimist or pessimist)


4. Employee’s talent and work quality (including his command over his subject, his project, his consistency and determination, his efficiency)


5. Employee’s additional qualities (his innovativeness, his managerial skills and any extra talent)


Overall assessment of the employee for this quarter:



(Signature of employer)

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