Quality Assurance Evaluation Form

Quality assurance evaluation form is an important document that outlines the quality of goods and services provided by some individual or a company, and, more importantly, the assurance of maintenance of such standards. It is an important layout since it deals with the most important factor that determines the success of any profit-making organization and should thus be prepared with utmost accuracy.

Sample Quality Assurance Evaluation Form:

Name of the product or service: ____________________________________________________

Product or service code: ____________________________

Name of the concerned individual/ organization: ______________________________________

Date of establishment: ___________________

Evaluation commissioned by: _____________________________________________________

Date of evaluation: _____________

Purpose of evaluation: This evaluation is being conducted to assure all customers with the best quality of services and to determine any area that needs to be developed and the corresponding action to be taken.

Kindly fill in all the details properly as your response is vital for our evaluation.

1. Do you take care of the quality of products and services delivered by your company?

a)   Yes, it is always our prime concern.

b)   Occasionally we do.

c)   It is no use considering the quality once we have manufactured it.

2. Are you confident of the quality of the employees in this job?

a)   Very much. I maintain individual records of each employee.

b)   I am not much concerned.

c)   No, most of them need to improve.

3. Does your company offer after-sales services?

a)   Yes it does.

b)   Sometimes, if urgent.

c)   Never.

4. Do you conduct market surveys to determine quality standards?

a)   Definitely

b)   Not much.

c)   No, we are confident of our quality.

5. Do you consider customer feedback?

a)   Yes, we assure them to meet all their needs.

b)   At times we do.

c)   No, our job does not involve that.

6. Out of 10, how much will your rate your company in the following aspects?

a)   Quality of operations: ________________

b)   Administration quality: ________________

c)   Research Quality: ________________

d)   Development prospects: ________________

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