Public Health Evaluation

Public health evaluation document is generally prepared to assess and provide corresponding report(s) of the general health status of the public in a certain region or locality, village, town, city or at a national or global level. The main aspects are to examine the state of health possessed by the public on an average, the diseases occurring to most people and the availability of medicines, vaccines and other amenities for the treatment and prevention of diseases. The evaluation report should be framed in a layman’s language and presented clearly.

Sample Public Health Evaluation:

Evaluation done by: U.S Department of Public Health Care

Address: 76, Lenin Street, New York

Contact number: 00 1 – 718 – 583729173

Email id:

Area under evaluation: Jolly Hills and the adjoining areas of the complex

Date of evaluation: 16th June, 2011


The basic objective for conducting this public health evaluation is to gauge the health standards of the residents of the entire area under supervision, diagnose the reasons for prevalent diseases, if any, and suggest treatment and preventive measures against any further such problems.

The medical representative or the doctor knowing about the public health condition here is requested to kindly mark the correct option to help the evaluation:

1. Do the people here receive regular health check-up facilities?

• Yes, we organize health camps every week.

• Sometimes they do.

• No, it has never been our agenda but we are thinking of implementing it.

2. How is the health standard of the residents, on an average?

• Perfectly healthy

• It’s ok

• The standard is low because of too many diseases and ailments.

3. Does some particular disease affect the area?

• Yes [provide required details]

• Sometimes it happens [mention specificities]

• No

4. Are vaccines and other precautionary measures provided?

• Definitely

• At times we do provide

• No, that is not our responsibility

5. Rate the health, hygiene, and sanitary conditions of the complex:

1 – Very poor

2 – Satisfactory

3 – Good

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