Program Evaluation

The process of program evaluation employs social research methods to determine the impact and implementation of any particular kind of program. This kind of evaluation involves extensive research work and rigorous methods but they are very much effective in unfolding the real impact of the program. Hence, the program evaluation report is to be designed with utmost care so that it should contain all the collected data and ongoing records in order to ensure that the clients who have asked for the evaluation is being provided with efficient services.

While designing a program evaluation report an individual should emphasize on following points. They are as following-

Define the objective of your program and the baseline for achieving it, and collect the necessary data.

Study the formative aspect of the program and find out whether the program did what it was supposed to do or not.

The context of your evaluation should be understandable.

Methodology should best define so that the intended people should understand the actual aim of it.

Discuss your previous findings on implementation of the program.

Try to develop recommendations and conclusions so that the evaluation could be analyzed on a broader aspect.

A program evaluation has various importance in the society. It helps various non-profitable organizations, government bodies to understand the success and implementation status of the programs on which they have invested funds. This kind of evaluation is a part of social service and it is designed accordingly to the need of the clients. Moreover, as this evaluation help the concerning authority to understand the result of the program they wanted to implement simultaneously it also find out the scope of growth on the areas wherever it is needed. Hence, it is important to design a program evaluation methodically, elaborately yet courteously.

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