Program Training Evaluation

A program training evaluation is a process through which particular training programs are assessed. This can be done for any kind of organization wherein training is an essential part of ensuring that the new employees are attuned with all the workings of the company. This can be for specific skill set acquirement as well.

The evaluation must address all aspects of the program that has been implemented. It becomes very important to gain proper feedback in order to address critical issues pertaining to the program. This helps in ensuring improvement and better results. The program training evaluation must be created only after there has been careful study of the aims and objectives of the program concerned. Also, the evaluation should be created as per the company policies and should adhere to the minimum protocol required. This evaluation is effective immediately after the completion of the program training.

Sample Program Training Evaluation

The following evaluation has been conducted on behalf of MADRD COMP Co.

Evaluation by: MIR ROT Ltd.

Program Training for:

  • Use of new computer software
  • Training marketing employees to use the software
  • Incorporating software in order to increase efficiency
  • Introducing easy to learn ways through which the software can be operated by all employees concerned.

Evaluation Report:

  • The training took place over a period of 5 days, 2 hours every day.
  • The employees were provided with manuals as well as instructions from the trainers
  • The feedback after the training has been overall positive
  • All aspects have been covered. However there have been a few complaints about how the software will increase efficiency.
  • The software is stated to show its results by the end of 3 months of its usage
  • The employees have all acquired adequate proficiency after the completion of training.

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