Program Proposal Evaluation

Program proposal evaluation is a process through which the proposal presented for a program is evaluated. Such kind of evaluation helps in accessing the offeror’s ability from all aspects to successfully implement the prospective contract. It has to be drafted crucially so that the extent of its impact could be gauged prior its implementation efficaciously.

Sample Program Proposal Evaluation

Program proposal presented on: ____________________


The program proposal is solicited with a purpose of ______________________________________________________ it is planned to be implemented by __________________________________.

Q1. Do you think the program proposal is cost-effective in nature?

  1. Yes, the proposal has rightly estimated the budget needed for presenting a program.
  2. May be not sure
  3. Do not find it much cost effective as it has huge budget in comparison to the kind of the program proposed to be presented.

Q2. According to last few years’ statistics, do you think that the proposal of this year has offered better plans and would be effective too?

  1. This year’s proposal is an improved version of all the years.
  2. Depends , could only judge this point after its implementation
  3. This year’s proposal does not seems to be different than previous years
  4. It is not up to the mark as it was expected to be.

Q3 (a). “The methods decided to be implemented for making the program successful is quite purposeful.” Do you agree with this statement?

  1. Yes, I strongly agree
  2. Agree
  3. Do not know
  4. Disagree
  5. Strongly disagree.

Q3 (b). If you disagree or strongly disagree, please specify the reason of your discontentment?


Q4. According to you, is the program proposal drafted keeping in mind all the standards and regulatory norms required for presenting a program?

  1. Yes, proposal is drafted abiding the set norms
  2. May be
  3. No, violation of various norms could be observed.

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