Program Management Evaluation

Program management evaluation is an effective process through which the management and organization of a program is gauged. Moreover, it also helps the authority to collect the viewpoint of the program participants and their opinion related to the management performance. This is a powerful tool through which management performance for a program and various aspects related to it could be improved. Thus, it has to be constructed with utmost care and professionalism.

Sample Program Management Evaluation

[Program Name]

Program date: __________________

Participant’s Name: ________________________________

Evaluation Purpose: To monitor the program management and facilitate fund for continuing need of the program. Moreover, it would also find the limitations and hindrances occurred in managing the program smoothly.

Please rate the following statement accordingly:

1-Completely Disagree

2- Disagree

3- Somewhat Agree, Not sure


5- Strongly Agree

a. Management team has the capability of managing the entire program smoothly. _______

b. Time-management for the program is given special attention so as to make it a success within the given time frame. _________

c. Plan made by the management for organizing the program is desirable and acceptable from all aspect. _______

d. Funds accumulated for the program till date, is rightly managed and invested by the management team. _______

e. Management team is efficient enough to manage the crowd and make proper arrangement if the number of program attendees exceeds than the estimation. ________

f. Management team needs backup through resources by the concern organizer of the program so as to make it a success. __________

g. Safety arrangements for the program is considered with high priority and treated with extreme supervision by the management team. ___________

h. Other hospitality services for the guests, delegates and the performers of the program are rightly planned to be taken care by the management team. __________

Suggestions, if any: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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