Program Impact Evaluation

Program impact evaluation is a process through which the impact created by a particular event and program on its audience is measured. This kind of evaluation process can be quantitative or qualitative depending on the nature and subject of the program. Thus, the inquisition present on the evaluation has to be drafted keeping in mind the type of audience attending the program so that the authority could identify the extent of program’s goals attained.

Sample Program Impact Evaluation


Participant’s name: ___________________ / Chose to reply as Anonymous

Date of attending the program: _____________

Evaluation Purpose: This evaluation is conducted with an aim to understand the extent of attainability of the program’s goals through the impact created on the audience.

Please response accurately, so that we could estimate the program’s impact:

1. Do you think the program was successful in delivering its purpose by maintaining all the ethical standards?

a. Yes, the program was successful and was held abiding all the ethical standards.

b. I am not too sure, as the purpose of the program is not clear to me.

c. According to me, it failed to create much impact.

2. Do you agree that the program is worth the money spent for it?

a. Yes, the money spent for the program is rightly utilized.

b. Didn’t find much scope to analyze.

c. No it was a wastage of money

3. According to your opinion, do you think the impact of the program is wide and strong?

a. Definitely, it became successful in creating wide and strong impact on audience.

b. Not sure.

c. It failed to create any impact on the mass.

4. What according to your opinion needs improvement so as to create even better impact on the audience?


5. Rate the management of the program on a scale of 10?


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