Program Evaluation Template

A program evaluation template is a document which serves as a guide to the correct framing of a program evaluation report. A program evaluation can be of many kinds depending on the nature of the program. In case of a cultural or artistic program, the evaluation is of one kind and it is of a different kind in case of a program of study.

Sample Program Evaluation Template

Name of program: ________________________________________________________

Nature of program: ________________________________________________________

Program conducted by: _____________________________________________________

[Mention the particulars about the program including its nature]

This program evaluation is in the form a questionnaire handed out to our patrons. We believe in constructive criticism and we would be more than glad to receive your feedback.

How would you rate this program on a scale of ten? What, according to you, are its highlights? _________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention your opinion of the program and its high points]

Mention some ways in which the program can be improved: __________________________________________________________________________________________

What would you consider as the flaws of the program? Mention your reasons for adjudging these areas as less than satisfactory: _________________________________________________________________________________________

[Enlist the drawbacks of the program]

What, according to you, is the need for such programs to educate today’s youth? _________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention the educative functions of the program and how they are relevant]

By what means can such programs be made more popular? How can such programs be publicized to draw people’s interest? __________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention the ways in which such programs can be made popular and accessible to a wide section of society]

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