Program Evaluation Format

A program evaluation format is a document which acts a guide to the proper framing of a program evaluation report. A program evaluation highlights the opinion of people who matter regarding a program and their opinion forms the basis of improving the program and rectifying any mistakes that might have occurred.

Sample Program Evaluation Format

Name of program: _________________________________________

Nature of program: _________________________________________

Program evaluation commissioned by: __________________________

Date: ___________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a program evaluation format must identify the authorities conducting the program evaluation as well as those who have commissioned it. The program evaluation report must also mention the purpose of such an exercise and avouch the authorities’ desire to compile a productive and fulfilling enterprise through the program evaluation. The benefits that are hoped to emerge from this exercise must also be enlisted so that the program evaluation can be given a sense of direction.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of a program evaluation must incorporate the kind of questions that will be part of the same. The areas which are of most concern must be mentioned and questions must be addressed to these areas. The questions should be direct and to the point. They should be framed in a manner to eliminate confusion.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph of a program evaluation must form a suitable conclusion. It should list the manner in which the grievances will be looked into. A vision for the future or a blueprint is necessary to instill confidence and the program evaluation report must conclude on a positive and optimistic note.

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