Program Evaluation Form

A program evaluation form is a directive tool to decipher the achievements made by a particular course and to rate the effectuality of the content in a valid manner. It is crucial for any program being conducted with a certain purpose. Hence it must be construed very sagaciously and the program domains must be assessed with clarity.

Sample Program Evaluation Form

Title of the program: ____________________________________

Program objective: ______________________________________

Name of participant/member: ___________________________

Age: _____________       Gender: _____________

Program period: ____________ to _____________

Name of evaluator: ______________________________________

Date of evaluation: _________________________

Please read the questions carefully and try to answer them correctly.

1. Did you find the course interesting enough to meet your expectations?

a. Yes

b. No

2. How much do you feel you have benefitted from the lessons imparted in the course?

a. Highly benefitted

b. Moderately benefitted

c. Meagrely benefitted

3. Name the most effective method of instruction used in the class and its effect on you.


4. Comment on the following areas related to the program and give your opinions:

a. Quality teaching: __________________________________________________________

b. Time span of each class: ____________________________________________________

c. Topics covered overall: _____________________________________________________

d. Materials and techniques used: _______________________________________________

e. Difficulty of the course content: ______________________________________________

f. Assessment tools: __________________________________________________________

5. How much will you give the instructor, on the following aspects, out of 10?

a. Pronunciation and diction: _________________________

b. Awareness and knowledge: ________________________

c. Ease of teaching: _________________________________

d. Affability and friendliness: _________________________

e. Guidance and help: _______________________________

[Kindly submit this form to the office counter after completion within 10 am to 4 pm]

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