Program Coordinator Evaluation

Program coordinator performs a pivotal role in planning and organizing an event or program. In order to do this they must have a clear idea about the theme and purpose of the program so that they could coordinate it with expertise. The efficiency of the program coordinator could be gauged through a process of program coordinator evaluation. A sample of such an evaluation is given below.

Sample Program Coordinator Evaluation

[Name of the Program]

Evaluatee’s Name: _______________________________ / Reply as ‘Anonymous’

Coordinator’s Name: _____________________

Evaluation Objective: This evaluation is conducted to collect your opinion regarding the coordination of the program so that we could make improve our coordination planning for the future programs.

Your opinion is valuable. Please provide your exact response so that it helps us to coordinate better program in future.

1. Do you think the program coordination was planned meticulously without any slippage of rules and requirements?

a. Definitely, the coordinator has planned the entire program with expertise without giving a scope of criticism.

b. Not sure

c. It was disappointing as the program was not coordinated as expected.

2. According to your opinion, how were the events in the program coordinated?

a. All the events were synchronized and coordinated efficiently

b. Depends, not all events were properly coordinated, it seems.

c. Events in the program lack proper coordination.

3. Do you agree that the coordinator(s) makes an effort to coordinate the volunteer(s) in an effective manner so as to manage the audience and make a successful program?

a. Volunteers where rightly coordinated which in turn made a successful program.

b. Mismanagement is not observed by me.

c. Volunteers where not coordinated properly and a complete mismanagement is observed.

4. According to your opinion, what all changes in coordination are needed which in turn would help us to perform better in future program(s)?



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