Probationary Employee Evaluation

Probationary employee evaluation refers to the assessment and evaluation of employees during their probationary period. This is to find out whether they can meet the expectations of the employer, their skills and talents, as well as fields where they fail to perform. This is carried out by the employer with tools like a questionnaire and evaluation forms.

Sample Probationary Employee Evaluation:

Name of the company: Finesse Clothing Pvt. Ltd.

Name of the employee: Mr. Toby Hilton.

Probationary period from: 5th of January, 2011 to 5th of August, 2011.

Date: 10th of August, 2011.

To be filled in by the employer.

  1. Is the employee making satisfactory progress in field of work?
    • Definitely
    • Not much
    • Not at all.
  2. In which areas the employee is lagging behind or failing to perform?
  • In areas of management
  • In areas of sales.
  • In areas of retailing.
  • Yes, all of them
  • No, but some of them
  • None of them.
  • Good
  • Bad.
  1. Can the employee keep the promises that he made regarding his nature of work?
  1. How would you rate the employee’s attendance?
  1. The general conduct of the employee is
    • Satisfactory
    • Average
    • Dissatisfactory
  2. Is the employee obedient to the higher authority and does his work within the stipulated time?
    • Absolutely
    • Not always
    • Never
  3. How would you rate the performance of the employee?
    • 0-3 (poor)
    • 4-6 (average)
    • 7-10 (outstanding)
  4. Do you think the employee has scope for further development?
    • Yes
    • Maybe
    • No.

Overall assessment of the employee during his probation:



(Signature of the employer)

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