Presentation Training Evaluation

Presentation training evaluation is a systematic approach which can be implemented in order to measure the effectiveness of presentation training. Such kind of evaluation is generally being conducted following the training session. This helps both the trainee and the trainer to understand how much beneficial the presentation training program or session was.

Sample Presentation Training Evaluation

Trainer’s Name: ____________________________________

Trainee’s Name: ____________________________________

Number of session attended: ________________________ out of _____________.

Each of your feedback counts. Please be accurate in responding so that we can improve our presentation training program in future.

  1. Is this the first time you are attending such presentation training program?
  1. If “yes”, then please state how is it different than what you have done before? ___________________________________________________________
  2. If “No”, then please state was it benefitting? ___________________________________________________________
  3. Yes, he has adequate knowledge and cleared my presentation related doubts profusely.
  4. May be I am not sure
  5. No his knowledge is limited and my doubts related to various aspects of a presentation is not cleared.
  1. Do you think the trainer has adequate knowledge of presentation?
  1. Are you demonstrated with mock presentation as a part of presentation training course?


  1. Would you like to participate in this kind of presentation training program in future?
  1. Yes, I would prefer to have an advance training course on presentation skills.
  2. I am not sure
  3. No I think whatever I have learned is adequate for presenting a perfect presentation.
  1. What are the five things you would suggest us in order to improve the presentation training quality?

i)                    ________________________

ii)                  ________________________

iii)                _________________________

iv)                _________________________

v)                  _________________________

  1. Do you find the training materials related to the presentation useful?


  1. How much will you rate the overall presentation training program on a scale of 10?
  1. 0-4
  2. 5-8
  3. 8-10

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