Presentation Program Evaluation

Presentation program evaluation is an effective practice to estimate the quality and impact of a presentation associated with a program. Through this, the presenter can identify the areas that need special emphasize and can also recognize his or her noteworthy presentation skills. Thus, such a document has to be drafted specifically by considering the aspects related to the presentation of the program.

Sample Presentation Program Evaluation

Topic of the Program: ____________________________________

Participant’s Name: ____________________________

Please respond accurately so that we can measure the effectiveness of the presentation efficiently:

1. Do you think the presentation was well presented and covers all the aspects of the topic?

a. Definitely, it was well-presented and it covers every aspect of the topic.

b. I am a bit clueless.

c. No the presentation was not presented as expected and seems not too much related to the topic.

2. Do you think the content of the presentation is presented in a generic way?

a. No, it is somewhat different than the generic ones.

b. May be, I am not too sure

c. Yes, it is like any other presentation program.

3. Do you think all the essential requirement and skill of a presentation is rightly met by the presenter(s) in the program?

a. The presentation skill of the presenter(s) is highly appreciating which made the program even more interesting and all the other aspects associated are well-maintained.

b. Though the content of the presentation was good but the presentability of the program was not so appreciating.

c. Presentation program needs improvement from all the aspects.

4. How much would you rate the presentation program on a scale of 10?

a. 0-4

b. 5-8

c. 8-10

5. Have you participated in this kind of presentation program before?

a. If ‘YES’, then please state how it differs than the earlier ones? _____________________________________________________________

b. If ‘NO’, then please state whether you would like to participate in this kind of presentation program in future? _______________________________________

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