Presentation Feedback Evaluation

Presentation feedback evaluation is a rating process through which the actualness of a presentation feedback is estimated. This is a thorough process that helps in identifying whether the feedback received would be effective for the presenter to improve his presentation skills or not. Thus, this kind of feedback evaluation has to be drafted carefully and with effectiveness.

Sample Presentation Feedback Evaluation

Participant’s Name: _______________________________

Age: ___________________________

Presentation evaluated on: ___________________

Presentation Topic: ___________________________________________________

Please put forward your opinion on the presentation feedback you have received. Be accurate and precise so that we can gauge your satisfaction with the feedback.

1. Do you think the presentation feedback given is accurate and would turn beneficial for your upcoming presentations?

a. Yes, Definitely feedbacks are proper and justifying

b. May be not sure

c. No, I don’t find it appropriate because _____________________________________

2. Feedback form was a detailed draft that is estimating all the aspects of the presentation. Do you agree with this statement?

a. Yes, I strongly agree

b. Agree

c. I strongly disagree because _____________________________________________

3. Suggest ways through which you would like to improve the quality of feedback form for the upcoming presentation evaluation?



4. Did you receive any such feedback on your presentation before?

a. No this is the first time and I could recognize my needs for providing a perfect presentation.

b. Yes I have received feedback and this feedback seems to be beneficial/ does not seem to be beneficial.

5. The comment provided to you in the feedback form was rightly justified. Do you agree with the statement?

a. Yes, I do agree as they are rightly justified.

b. Their justification does not seem valid to me in case of many estimated points.

c. Right justification could only be provided if they make their scope of evaluation wider.

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