Presentation Evaluation Survey

A presentation evaluation survey is prepared to study a specific presentation and the corresponding impacts. The presentation evaluation is actually reviewed in the survey, to prominently identify its outcome and analyze the future consequences, thereby helping determine methods of improvement based on the very presentation. This type of a survey document should be framed after thorough consideration of the evaluation topics, techniques and methods adopted, and the conclusion derived.

Sample Presentation Evaluation Survey:

Title of the presentation: Development of Programming Techniques

Presentation commissioned by: Frank Software Companies

Date: 7th October, 2011                                                                   Venue: Town Hall, New York

Presentation done by:

  • Robert Travolta
  • Irwing Henry
  • Kelly Robinson

Presentation evaluation conducted by: George Evaluators for Software Design and Development

Date of evaluation: 12th October, 2011\

The concerned individual is requested to kindly answer the questions that follow and help us in surveying the presentation evaluation effectively:

1. Was the topic appropriate for the presentation?

  • Yes, it is a very significant issue in recent times and suits the area of work
  • It was ok
  • I did not find it worth discussing or in any way relevant to the business of the organization

2. Did you find the content matter strong and well-organized?

  • Definitely
  • It was somewhat nice
  • It was not arranged properly and there was no definite structure of the presentation

3. Were the ideas effectively delivered?

  • Yes, the points were crisp and clear
  • Some of them were not understandable or could not be linked to with the topic
  • None of the points were suitable or worth discussing

4. Did the speakers possess proper presentation skills?

  • Yes, they had perfect speaking abilities and extraordinary skills for delivering the ideas
  • Some of them were not too good
  • They were very poor with their presentation skills

5. What has been your overall verdict on the presentation?


Survey conducted by: George Peterson



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