Presentation Evaluation Report

Presentation Evaluation report discusses various points covered in the evaluation conducted. It is prepared after going through the answers given by the various respondents filling the evaluation forms. The report discusses the various evaluation points in short to give an overview of the evaluation program.

Sample Presentation Evaluation Report

Given below is the presentation evaluation report prepared after studying the answers of various presentation evaluation respondents:

  • The presentation was well prepared; all the key points were highlighted properly in the presentation and were also explained very clearly by the person conducting the presentation.
  • The person conducting the presentation possessed thorough knowledge about the subject and was confident while explaining the various presentation points.
  • The presentation was well formatted. Everything right from the color contrast, template designs and font size was appropriately chosen.
  • The content of the slides was also chosen in a way that it contained all the important information related to the subject and yet was not too lengthy.
  • Each slide was explained in detail giving proper illustrations. The aim was to provide complete information about the subject in a manner that is easy to understand.
  • The person conducting the presentation and his other teammates answered all the queries of the audience. The audience was satisfied with the way their queries were handled.
  • Good posture and appropriate body language was used by the person giving the presentation and also his team members.
  • The person giving the presentation and his other team members were professionally dressed and followed a proper code of conduct during the presentation.
  • The people attending the presentation gave a positive feedback about the presentation.

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