Presentation Evaluation Form

Presentation evaluation form is a formal document drafting certain items that successfully measure the validity of a particular presentation. The validity is manifested in the degree of purpose achieved, message conveyed and effects created on the person evaluating it. Thus it is an indispensable tool and must be constructed by detecting and assessing all aspects of the presentation.

Sample Presentation Evaluation Form

Topic of presentation: ______________________

Date of presentation: _______________________

Name of the presenter: ______________________

Name of the evaluator: _____________________

Date of evaluation: _________________________

Purpose of evaluation: ______________________

Below are some of the aspects based on which the evaluation of the presentation will be done. Please give your views regarding each of the aspects.

1. Was the crux of the topic successfully conveyed in the introduction?

(a) Completely conveyed

(b) Partly conveyed

(c) Not even hinted at

2.  How many of the crucial points under the topic were touched upon by the presentation?

(a) Almost all the points

(b) More than 50% points

(c) Less than 50% points

3. Do you feel satisfied with the additional information presented with the core presentation?

(a) Yes

(b) Neutral

(c) No

4. Which word would you use to describe the presenter’s ability to relate the presentation with practical examples?

(a) Excellent

(b) Average

(c) Poor

5. Was the link between the sub topics established clearly? If no, where were the major lapses found? _________________________________________________________________

6. How will you rate the integration of the whole matter?

(a) Very Good

(b) Good

(c) Needs Improvement

7. How will you describe the entire presentation in your own words?


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