Presentation Evaluation Example

Presentation evaluation examples are documents prepared to help evaluators in framing evaluation sheets after assessment of a certain presentation, whatsoever is the topic. Presentations largely vary from one another, depending on the main idea to be put forth, but the basic format for evaluation remains intact because it is generally designed to study and review the introduction, body and conclusion parts of the presentation. The examples would thus help people to follow them and design an effective and proper presentation evaluation document.

Sample Presentation Evaluation Examples:

Presentation topic: Impact of Gadgets on High School Students

Presentation conducted by: U.S Board of Higher Education

Date: 9th September, 2011                                                   Venue: St. Thomas School Auditorium

Presentation done by: Mark Johnson

Gadgets have become an important part of 21st century lives, especially for students on whom they have a deeper impact. The discussion of positive as well as negative effects of gadgets is the objective of this presentation.

The respondent is requested to provide us with the exact answers that would help in evaluation of the presentation:

Did you find the topic worth discussing?

  • Definitely, it is a very significant matter of discussion
  • I don’t have any strong opinion for or against it
  • No, it was a waste of time and money

How was the topic introduced for presentation?

  • It was a very strong and well-presented introduction
  • It was ok
  • It did not have any form of appeal

How did the presentation go?

  • It was outstanding
  • Some of the facts were not correct or upto the mark
  • The ideas stated were simply out of the track

How would you rate the following aspects of the presentation, out of 5? [1 – Excellent, 2 – Good, 3 – Satisfactory, 4 – Fair but needs improvement, 5 – Bad]

  • Suitability of the topic                                                                            1   2   3   4   5
  • Organization of relevant thoughts                                                          1   2   3   4   5
  • Effective presentation of content                                                           1   2   3   4   5
  • Impact on students, considering their feedback                                     1   2   3   4   5
  • Effectiveness of methods adopted to combat ill effects                        1   2   3   4   5


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