Presentation Employee Evaluation

Presentation employee evaluation is an effective way through which one can evaluate an employee’s presentation from different professional aspects. This process focuses on the need of the presentation and thus helps the employee to understand the areas of shortcoming. It also helps in providing better insight into the effectiveness of a presentation. Hence, such kind of an evaluation must consist of essential inquisition that helps in improving presentation skills of an employee.

Sample Presentation Employee Evaluation

Employee name: _________________________________

Designation: ____________________________________

Topic of presentation: _____________________________ Date of presentation: ___________

Please rate the following parameters associated with an employee presentation on a scale of 10:

Evaluation Criteria Effort Given (in Person-day) Rating (out of 10)

1. Introduction and summary of the topic provided lucidly.

2. Properly identified the current issues associated with the topic and presented in a segregated manner.

3. Readability, comprehensiveness and clarity of the presentation slides.

4. Relevancy of the content in the presentation slides and the process of explicating it to the audience.

5. Follow of acceptable standards and protocols for the format and bibliography of the presentation.

6. Effectiveness in replying the questions of the audience and clearing the doubts.

7. Capability of justifying the topic of presentation with examples and situations as per the content provided in the slide.

8. Kind of contribution statement framed to demonstrate the responsibility of the employee towards the presentation.

9. Presentation skills: eye contact, unbiasedness, authenticity, exactness, accuracy, technicality group effort and ability to inculcate interest in the audience regarding the particular topic of presentation.

10. Knowledge of each employee regarding the topic of presentation in support of the statistics related to it.


a. Total number of efforts (per person day) given for presenting the particular presentation?


b. Total number of efforts (per person day) is utilized for presenting the particular presentation?


Evaluation Comments:



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