Preschool Evaluation Form

Preschool evaluation form acts as a platform on which preschool children are examined and the results are documented for the authorities to advocate recuperating actions and steps. It is thus a significant tool that methodically pinpoints the regions of the child’s development and determines his state of learning alongside. It must be framed precisely to derive a qualitative report.

Sample Preschool Evaluation Form

Name of the organization: ____________________________

Name of the teacher: _________________________________

Qualification of the teacher: ___________________________

Name of the child: ________________

Date of evaluation: _______________

Grade: _________________________

Term (Year): ____________________

The following items have been considered for making the evaluation report of the concerned preschool-student.

Intellectual abilities:

1. Has the child reached the desired level of intellectual development as expected for his age?

a. Development is satisfactory

b. Needs further improvement

2. Does the child respond to colours and identifies with real objects?

a. Makes fruitful attempts

b. Makes failed attempts

Social abilities:

3. Can the child vocally express his need for going to the toilet?

a. He is still immature at it

b. He is matured at it

4. Is the child able to give social smile at others?

a. Smile is well formed and understandable

b. Smile is vague and nebulous

Emotional control:

5. Does the child trouble others with his temper tantrums and untimely demands?

a. He controls his temper on parental objection

b. He continues to show his annoyance

6. Is the child seen crying at the time of entering school premises?

a. He cries but then stops after a while

b. He does not create fuss

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