Post Training Evaluation Form

A post training evaluation form is a document which evaluates the training course itself. It must be comprehensive and must guide the evaluator, who can be a participant of the course, to answer the questions in a clear and cogent manner. However, it must not be biased or imposing. It can give a good assessment of the training session and also identify flaws that need to be corrected.

Sample Post Training Evaluation Form:

The following questionnaire is designed to evaluate the success, strengths or weaknesses of the training course. Please answer the questions carefully and we shall take every effort to rectify our flaws.

Name of training course: ____________________________

Nature of course: __________________________________

Course conducted by: _____________________ Course coordinator: ______________________

1. How would you rate this training course on a scale of ten?

(a) 0-4

(b) 5-8

(c) 8-10

2. What would you consider to be a suitable duration of the course?

(a) One month like it is currently

(b) More than one month

(c) Less than one month

3. What would you consider to be the strengths of this training course?

(a) Its scope for application

(b) The fact that it equips students to covert theory into meaningful practice

(c) Its credibility

(d) Its ease in securing excellent jobs

4. How would you rate our trainers on a scale of ten? Do you think they are approachable and encouraging?

5. Are you satisfied with the way this training course has been completed?


6. Do you have any suggestions for improving this training course? _____________________________________________________________________

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