Physical Education Evaluation

Physical education evaluation is a document that will outline the effect of physical education being given in any institute, say school, college or university. A healthy body yields healthy mind and hence all youngsters should have physical exercises as a part of their curriculum and the evaluation should effectively bring out all details of the respective education and its impact.

Sample Physical Education Evaluation:

Robert Johannson

14 years

St. James School for Boys

Evaluation commissioned by: United States Sports Council

Date of evaluation: 23rd August, 2011

Purpose of evaluation: The physical education evaluation is being conducted to assess the level of education given in sports, physical activities and exercises and their influence on the students.

This evaluation needs your sincere response to each of the following questions. Kindly co-operate with us.

1.  Do you have physical education classes at regular intervals?

a)   Yes we have them twice a week.

b)   Depends, there’s no fixed routine for PE classes.

c)   No, we have them may be once or twice a month.

2. Is physical education a compulsory part of your curriculum?

a)   Yes, it is.

b)   I am not sure.

c)   No, it’s just an activity class.

3. Do you enjoy the class and learn from it?

a)   It’s my favourite not just because of the games but also the exercises.

b)   I just enjoy the games, not the activities they teach.

c)   Not at all do I like it.

4. Does your teacher teach you exercise?

a)   Yes he does.

b)   Sometimes.

c)   No, it’s always games.

5. Are all necessary items present?

a)   We have a whole lot of things.

b)   We just have a playground.

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