Personnel Evaluation Form

A personnel evaluation form is a document which highlights the client’s impression of personnel service in an institution or an organization. The personnel evaluation form should be in the form of a questionnaire and the questions should encourage interviewees to answer honestly and clearly. A personnel evaluation form must be used to usher in changes which will improve the service of personnel concerned.

Sample Personnel Evaluation Form:

Name of the organization: ________________________

Personnel whose performance shall be evaluated: Sales personnel of the organization

1. On a scale of ten, how would you rate the sales personnel of our company?

(a) 0 to 4

(b) 4 to 8

(c) 8 to 10

2. What are the areas in which you feel our sales personnel need to bring in some changes?

(a) Courtesy and helpfulness

(b) Knowledge about products

(c) Patience with irate customers

(d) Ability to help customers get their products in the best manner possible

3. Do you believe that the success of our company owes a lot to the efficiency of its sales personnel?

(a) Yes, the sales personnel have carried this company

(b) No, the success of the company is a result of its products and their quality. The sales personnel are not a factor.

4. Mention some changes that you believe are necessary for building an efficient and dynamic sales personnel tram: ________________________________________________________________________

5. As a regular patron of our company, do you feel reassured and comfortable after interacting with our sales personnel? Do they seem overbearing or imposing in any way? ________________________________________________________________________

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