Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluations are conducted to assess and estimate the performance of (usually) an employee by his or her employers. Performance evaluations are reports which address all the important issues that govern the productivity and performance of an employee. They must be written to suit the occasion. They must be concise yet present an accurate and well judged account of an employee’s performance. However, performance evaluations are not limited to the boardroom. There can be various other kinds of performance evaluation like:

The evaluation of a student in school or college.

The evaluation of the success or failure of a company or business enterprise.

Evaluation of government agencies and indeed, of governments themselves, as determined by committees and boards set up for the same.

The aim of a performance evaluation, if we consider an employee evaluation, is to present a fair account of the employee’s performance over a specified period of time. They can take into consideration criteria like promotions, increments, number of successful projects completed, educational qualifications, dedication, hunger for success etc. Performance evaluations can be based on tangible or abstract qualities. However, the findings of the evaluation must be tabled or presented as a report. The advantages of a performance evaluation are:

They serve as data which can be accessed later at a time of need.

They enable transparency in the work space.

They facilitate employer-employee interactions.

They enable a fair assessment of an employee’s skills and credibility.

They can help in quick decision making and they promote the overall well being of an office.

Performance evaluations must be taken seriously by everyone as they can make or break careers. Mistakes can be redresses at the earliest without attracting the wrath of an employer. The whole purpose behind a performance evaluation is to provide a reality check to slackers and to give credit where it is due.

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