Performance Test Evaluation

The performance report evaluation is conducted by companies so as to examine their employees and the overall performance of the company. It is an important and necessary step and marks the company’s ability to rectify errors and also improve overall performance. This evaluation is done on a periodical basis. It takes into consideration the sales report and the marketing and branding value of the company. This should also check the employee performance and rate the employee performance.

The internal management of any company is as important and related to the external performance of the company. Hence the performance report evaluation is not just assessing employees individually but taking into consideration the overall performance based on these reports. It is imperative that the data used for this purpose id completely accurate and meets the standard protocol of the given company. An expert can be hired for this job or this can be handled by the organizations’ Human Resources team as well.

Sample Performance Report Evaluation

Name of Company: BHUI Mobile Ltd.

Name of Evaluator: Stance Parathion

Date: 4.5.2011

Evaluation of: The Sales Department of the company in terms of the revenue generated within the period 2011 to 2012. The evaluation does not take into account individual performances but an overall summation of the company performance in the required area.

Evaluation Summary:

  • Sales prior to 2011 were $6.7 million in terms of revenue and sales income alone.
  • Sales during 2011 to 2012 increased by 3% to $8.7 million, this includes profit and income
  • The communication skills implemented in marketing and devising strategies is up to date according to the latest trends followed
  • Customer valuation and feedback is duly noted by the department during surveys for products and services

The Department has served well and efficiently in handling and improving income generation of the company.

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