Performance Objectives Evaluation

The performance objectives evaluation is a periodic exercise devised for the purpose of gauging the company’s adherence to its own objectives in terms of overall performance. The evaluation first jots down the number of objectives that is essential and critical to the company’s function. This is necessary since it allows the company to understand which objectives need to be changed, modified or improved and which to be preserved.

The evaluation then considers the performance of the employees. It sees whether they are performing their jobs at best to their ability and in compliance to the company’s codes. This is important since it not only measures the performance level and skills of the employees but also their loyalty to the company. The performance objective evaluation is a necessary step that must be done for the sake of updating the company on the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

Sample Performance Objectives Evaluation:

Name of Company: IOP Laptops Ltd.

Name of Employee: Tyler Lane

Designation of employee: Deputy Manager of Sales

Date: 3.5.2012

Company Objectives:

  • To produce quality work
  • To efficiently use capital
  • To lead and also follow
  • To create dynamic business strategies
  • To increase profit remuneration through proper marketing and sales tactics
  • To establish strong business relationships between the company and its customers

Evaluation of Mr. Tyler Lane:

  • As a deputy manager, Mr. Lane has shown extraordinary skill and will power during the market ups and downs due to the recession of 2010.
  • He has used the given capital to the best of the company’s usage and generated 2% higher sales income in the past year alone
  • His leadership qualities are admirable and his employees trust him immensely
  • His sales tactics and market strategies are effective and commendable
  • He has vastly improved company performance

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