Performance Management Evaluation

The performance management evaluation is a method through which employee performance is examined and proper strategies are then implemented to regulate enhancement.  This evaluation is generally conducted under the supervisor who is also required to create a proper feedback after the completion of this process. This is necessary for ensuring that there is no slacking in employee performance and the employees are rightly encouraged to deliver high performance. The evaluation must have a lucid and understandable format.

Sample Performance Management Evaluation:

The following is a monthly Performance Management evaluation conducted for CFTYU Company Pvt. Ltd.

Evaluation conducted by:  VITCO Evaluators Corp.

26, Springfield Mansions,

New Jersey

Respondents: Marketing Department

Aim: To analyze the performance of the department with respect to all monthly projects executed.

Please respond to the following questions and choose the appropriate option:

1. Has the employees able to meet deadline for every project undertaken?

  • Definitely
  • Somewhat
  • No, timelines were always extended.

2. Has there been any miscommunication or arguments during project execution?

  • Smooth operation with minimum hassles
  • Some minor arguments
  • High incompatibility amongst employees

3. Has there been a positive feedback received on receipt of completed work from superiors and supervisors?

  • Extremely positive response
  • Satisfied response
  • Dissatisfied

4. Has there been open communication between the management team and the department in question?

  • Very open communication
  • Miscommunication was always noticed
  • No communication at all.

5. Was there adequate information collected about the way in which each project was to be approached?

  • Most certainly
  • More or less
  • Not in the least

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