Performance Evaluation Template

Performance evaluation template is a design of the correct framing of a performance evaluation report. It is a tool to judge the performance of a person as objectively as possible without any favouritism or subjective bias. It is thus a crucial document to determine the outcome of an individual’s accomplishments.

Sample Performance Evaluation Template

Nature of performance evaluated: _____________________________ [Mention the nature of work and the type of task performance to be evaluated]

Performance evaluation commissioned by: ______________________________ [Mention the name of the organization or institution commissioning the performance evaluation]


Date of submission of report: _________________________ [Mention the correct date]

Performance evaluation conducted by: ____________________________________ [Provide the name of the organization or department conducting it. Mention the names of the team members and the leader]

Purpose of performance evaluation:

  • Purpose 1: _________________________________
  • Purpose 2: _________________________________
  • Purpose 3: _________________________________ [Include the returns that will be achieved through this performance evaluation]

Techniques used for performance evaluation:

  • Technique 1: ___________________________
  • Technique 2: ___________________________
  • Technique 3: ____________________________ [Mention the methods of conducting the performance evaluation]

Factors considered in performance evaluation:

  • Growth of the organization as a whole: _______________________________
  • Recognition and satisfaction of members’ needs: _______________________
  • Degree of incentives/rewards given: _________________________________
  • Level of motivation and ambition:  __________________________________
  • Increase in remuneration/benefits: __________________________
  • Past performances : ______________________________________
  • Present performance state: ____________________________ [Mention how each of these factors affected the performance evaluation]

Performance evaluation report compiled by: _____________________________ [Provide the relevant details of the people in charge of it]

For more information please contact: _______________________________ [Provide valid contact details]

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