Performance Evaluation Format

Performance evaluation format serves as an instrument to correctly judge the performance of an individual or group doing a certain task or entrusted with a certain objective. It gives a clear idea about how to and what to mention in the evaluation report so that the report stands valid and acceptable.

Sample Performance Evaluation Format

Respondent’s name ____________________

Evaluation conducted by __________________________

Date __________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must point out the nature of the job or business, the performance of which is measured. The designation of the team or department of the organization must be mentioned which is the subject of performance evaluation. The name of the organization conducting the evaluation must be indicated so that the purpose of evaluation and its further implication remains clear.


Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must focus on the performance criteria and its measures. If it is a business performance evaluation, it must specify the benefits and rewards achieved in the new financial year, how much progress the business has made and if the workers’ remuneration has been raised. If it is an academic performance evaluation, it must specify how many scholar badges have been attained, how the candidate has fared in the periodic exams and what extra curriculum has been accomplished by him. It has to be specifically noted if the performance is good or bad by the performance standards of the institution/organization.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must wind up the entire study in a conclusive statement. It must mention the future course of actions to be taken up by the organization for the encouragement of the members and sustenance of their performance standards.

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