Performance Evaluation Form

A performance evaluation form depicts the questions asked to learn about the tasks accomplished by an individual successfully. It exposes the flaws and incompetency of the of the concern individual in trying to reach a certain standard. Thus it must be content-analysed before publication so that the performance quality can be judged in sync with the organization’s expectations.

Sample Performance Evaluation Form

Name of the employee: _______________       Name of the evaluator: _________________

Job title: ___________________________       Date of evaluation: _____________________

Recruitment date: ____________________      Last date of submission: _________________

Department: ________________________       Reason of evaluation: ___________________

Please complete the form and return within the specified date. Ensure that all the questions are correctly and honestly answered.

1. How would you describe your tasks and operations?

a. Tough, tedious and tiresome

b. Easy to accomplish and enjoyable

2. What, according to you, are the main performance factors to be met for faster promotion? Write them in order of importance as you perceive.


3. How many times have you made some serious achievements in the last year worth mentioning?

a. Quite a few times

b. Very few times

c. Not made any

4. How do you find your job overall?

a. Adventurous and satisfactory

b. Boring and dissatisfactory

5. How would you rate yourself on quality presentation of work out of a total of 10?


6. Pick up the most important performance driven factor for you?

a. Promotion and ancillary benefits

b. Praise and recognition from the boss

c. Personal satisfaction and sense of achievement

7.  State an appropriate action that should be taken for improvement of your performance. ________________________________________________________________________

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