Performance Development Evaluation

Performance development evaluation is conducted on a periodic basis in every company. It is a way through which employers are able to examine the employee’s performance and contribution made to the company. This is done so as to create a powerful and efficient team and increase the standard of work produced by the company. This can be a challenge since evaluating in a large company can lead to confusion since there are many employees to be evaluated.

There the solution lies in making a generalized evaluation process based on departments of the company and not the particular employees. And even more effective method would be to collect data from all departments and then collectively evaluate it based on sales and marketing reports. However, certain specific approaches will helps in gaining a better perspective of the problem areas and reach a proper solution as well.

Sample Performance Development Evaluation

The performance development evaluation has been conducted for HYUI Computers Ltd

Evaluation by: UIO Analyzers Co.

Date: 12.4.2012

Evaluation of: Marketing and Sales Department

Number of employees: 50


  • To check employee performance
  • To compare performance to sales and marketing reports
  • To create solutions for improvement


Please fill in accordingly:

  1. The productivity of the department in the last 3-4 years has been: Remarkable, up to 55 % efficiency seen
  2. The department has used or not used recent techniques of communication within the internal company network: Used and successfully
  3. There has been no errors/ errors in documenting market reports for specific projects: Minor errors that were immediately rectified
  4. The sales performance of the company has seen improvement or no improvement in the last 3 to 4 years: improvement with 20% increase in the sales revenue
  5. Marketing team has conducted/ not conducted efficient surveys: For each product/ service

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